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Local SEO

A substantial degree of our recent SEO work has surrounded local SEO, which is a sub-niche of SEO focusing on local businesses. In each case, our aim was to rank clients within the top 3 Google’s results (including the infamous 3-pack listing). To demonstrate the importance of this, the top three Google results receive the bulk of clicks with the following approximate breakdown:

Clearly, ranking at position #12 will bring the lion share of traffic with #2/#3 bringing respectable amounts as well.

lead generation

Lead generation is one of the main customer acquisition services offered to our clients. This does not just include optimizing sales fulls, but also via our brads as well.

paid per click advertising

We pride ourselves on running effective and optimized PPC campaigns that are laser focused on achieving specific goals. whether our clients are interested in direct sales or awareness, our process is always a constant cycle of A/B testing, optimizing and repeating.

With this approach, we have helped clients maximize sales and dramatically increase brand awareness.

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